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AmenaBuy was founded in 2020, to provide outstanding products to the public at reasonable prices. Located in Cobb, CA, it is privately owned .

About the Company

People Helping People

Cobb California

 Local Woman Candlemaker Heidi Salit goes nose-to-nose and side by side with million-dollar competitor in Middletown, Ca.  Heavenly Glow Candles is proud to announce that Hardester’s Markets have put our “Handcrafted Candle Shop” in their Middletown and Hidden Valley Locations. Candles are also available at the Hardester’s Market in Cobb,  Just in time for the holiday season!

 Heidi, alongside Chef and Entrepreneur husband Michael Salit have also introduced Heavenly Fire, an all-natural fireStarter that is very versatile and even works in the rain!  Also included in the mix is Heavenly Spice, a unique blend of spices that will totally spice up your life. These products are also available at Hardester’s. 

Heavenly Glow Candles are handcrafted on Cobb Mountain, California. Our candles are made with premium quality food grade waxes, our fragrances are made with essential oils and botanical essences and only the finest wicks are used.  Our fragrances are infused in the wax and will release a beautiful, balanced, subtle aroma when burning. Candles burn 20 to 120+ hours depending on the size. 

Heavenly Glow Candles, Heavenly FireStarter and Heavenly Spice are part of the AmenaCore Family of products and services.


Michael Salit

Chef, Master Candle Maker, Entrepreneur.

Heidi Salit

Candlemaker, Entrepreneur, Mother.